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On Death and Dying

Felo de se  Santhara  
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Memorial Index of some from the Suzuki days who have passed on. Additions welcomed - not that we're eager for our fellow beings to go on to the next bardo just so we can have a longer list. That will happen naturally.
Starting this - 6/07
??? - unconfirmed, assumed dead for various reasons

Visit The Great Leap, San Francisco Zen Center’s Sangha Memorial website, to see and post remembrances, reflections, and photographs of these dear friends: .

Lou Albert

Paul Alexander ???

Don Allen

Jack Van Allen


Tim Aston

Robert Beck

Diana Berys

Esteban Blanco ???

Miriam Bobkoff

Charles Brooks

Tim Thomas Buckley

Jeannie Campbell

Idilio Ceniceros

Ahdel Chadwick

Pam Chernoff

Kobun Chino

Darlene Cohen

Ananda Claude Dalenberg

Arthur Deikman

Margot Patterson Doss

Marian Derby Wisberg

Trudy Dixon

Issan Tommy Dorsey

Rick Fields

Bonnie Hurst (Slater)

Jerry Fuller

Stephen Gaskin

Tom Giradot

Della Goertz

Terry Grag

Vera Hale

Lucille Harris

Lou Harrison

Niels Holm

Dan Harvey

Lou Hartman

Joko Dave Haselwood

E.L. Hazelwood

Niels Holm

Bonnie Hurst (Slater)

Tony Johansen

Jim Jordan

Dainin Katagiri

Durand Kiefer

Maggie Kress

Rowena Patee Kryder

Bill Lane

Pat Lang (Tara Treasurefield)

Ian Kishizawa

Bill Laws ???

Alan Lew

Daigan David Lueck

Taizan Maezumi

Alan Marlowe

Deborah Matthiessen

Peter Matthiessen

Rebecca Mayeno

Soyu Matsuoka

Deborah Love Matthiessen

Jim McGuire

Elsie Mitchell

Richard Moore

Gail Mueller

Walter Novick

Jerome Peterson

Chris Pirsig

Rene Pittet

Paul Provasoli

Kendrick Rand

Nona Ransom

Paul Reps

Dennis Rodriguez

Jean Ross

Joshu Sasaki

Nanao Sakaki

Charlotte Selver

William Shaw

Norman Steiglemeyer

Fred Stoeber

Allen Stone

Albert J. "Mickey" Stunkard'

Mitsu Suzuki

Shunryu Suzuki

Sotan Tatsugami

Katherine Thanas

Frances Thompson

Fran Tribe

Chögyam Trungpa

Elizabeth Tuomi

Bob Walter

Betty Warren

Peter Warshall

Alan Watts

Dr. Bill Wenner

Philip Whalen

Bonnie White

Phillip Wilson

Michael Wynne

Ryuho Yamada

Ryogen Yoshimura

 On Death and Dying

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