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this page updated Oct. 13,2022

Back Porch Zendo is a Soto Zen sitting group in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki-roshi. An affiliate of SFZC. Resident teachers: Elizabeth and Ken Sawyer.
Back Porch Zendo is a mom and pop neighborhood zendo founded by Ken and Elizabeth Sawyer in 2004. Ken and Elizabeth began to sit with Suzuki-roshi in 1970 at SFZC. We meet on Zoom on Thursday nights at 6:40 and end at 8:30. We sit zazen together followed by a Soto Zen service then we have tea/treats and read/discuss Buddhist literature. We have a half day sitting on the first Sunday of the month. We sit outside in the redwood Grove zendo. Half day sittings begin at 1:15 and end at 5:45. Well being ceremony is performed every week. Other ceremonies by request or by whim.

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Rev. Elizabeth Sawyer   
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Contact: Elizabeth Sawyer at BPZ's Facebook page

3533 Hillcrest Ave, Sebastopol CA 95472,  (Near Occidental).

 Painting by Michael Sawyer