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RIP Update (4-20-2012)

Updated RIP Designations for the Acknowledgment of Crooked Cucumber

Edgar Arnold in proofing CC German version had questions about the RIP designations which prompted me to them. I found many new ones and there are others which surely should be included but which I didn't because I didn't know for sure. I wonder if the existing ones should be taken out as we'll never be able to keep up with them and it doesn't matter. Little by little those three letters will go after every name. But for what it's worth, here are some new ones in order of appearance and if they reoccur it is so indicated by a x with the number of occurrences as in x2: - dc

Della Goertz x3

Bill Lane x2

Betty Warren x3

Phillip Wilson x2

Elsie Mitchell x2

Liz Tuomi x3 - [Elizabeth used the second time - should have used it the first too]

Tim Aston

Peter Bailey [missed him the first time]

Bob Beck

Annapurna Broffman (Georgianne Coffey)

Kobun Chino

Kojun Noiri

Robert Aitken

Paul Alexander [missed the first time]

Donald Allen

Darlene Cohen

Bill Colvig

Ananda Claude Dalenberg

Margo Patterson Doss

Rick Fields

Lou Harrison

Lou Hartman

Pat Herreshoff

Niels Holm

Durand Kiefer

Margaret Kress

Caroline Page

Jerome Peterson

Charlotte Selver

Bill Wenner

Philip Whalen