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Just setting this up as I have time. Almost nothing filled in yet. Come back later. - dc

The text needs to be cleaned up - there are many breaks where words were divided where they need to be reconnected for instance.

Front Matter - cover, title, also by, copyright page, epigraph, contents


part one                          JAPAN 19041959

Chapter One                    Childhood   19041916                              3

Chapter Two                    Master and Disciple   19161923              16

Chapter Three                 Higher Education   19241930                 39

Chapter Four                   Great Root Monasteries   19301932       63

Chapter Five                    Temple Priest   19321939                      77

Chapter Six                     Wartime   19401945                              92

Chapter Seven                 The Occupation   19451952                 116

Chapter Eight                  Family and Death   19521956              137

Chapter Nine                   An Opening   19561959                       153


Crooked Cucumber Insert - PDF - the photo section in the book - JPEGs (better)


part two                          AMERICA 19591971

Chapter Ten                    A New Leaf   1959                               165

Chapter Eleven                Bowing   1960                                      187

Chapter Twelve               Sangha   19611962                             205

Chapter Thirteen             Journeys   19631964                           228

Chapter Fourteen             Taking Root   19651966                      252

Chapter Fifteen               Tassajara   19671968                          281

Chapter Sixteen               The City   19681969                          306

Chapter Seventeen          One and Many   19691970                   335

Chapter Eighteen             The Driver   1971                                 362

Chapter Nineteen             Final Season: Autumn   1971                386

Epilogue                                                412

 [End Matter]

Notes on the Text and Pronunciation         416

Acknowledgments                                 417

Sources                                              420    

Bibliography                                        424

Glossary                                             427

Here's a list of Japanese and Buddhist terms from Crooked Cucumber - not defined

Notes on Notes on Crooked Cucumber     Crooked Cucumber home page

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