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Past Author Events
There are a few events still on the horizon but mainly I'm at home working on this. I guess there will be more when the paperback comes out. A fellow at Zen Mountain Monastery in Mt. Tremper, NY told me he called the publisher and they told him the paperback would come out in February of 2000.-DC
Past Book event schedule for 
To Shine One Corner of the World.

4/15/2000 - I'm giving a talk at Stone Creek Zendo, 1014 Ragle Road, Sebastopol CA 95473 on the evening of Tuesday April 18th at 7:30. Zazen is at 7:00. Stone Creek Zendo is a Soto Zen group led by Jisho Cary Warner who studied with Dainin Katagiri Roshi and who received ordination and transmission from Tozen Akiyama Roshi of the Milwaukee Zen Center. She is an editor who has worked with me on both my books. To learn more about Stone Creek Zendo write to the address above or call 707-829-9808. Thanks. DC

There will be two readings/signings in the San Francisco Bay Area when the paperback of Crooked Cucumber comes out in February of 2000. 

One will be at Copperfields Books in Petaluma CA on Tuesday, February 15th at 7:00 PM. It's located on
140 Kentucky Street. 707-762-0563 

The second event will be at Gaia Books in Berkeley on Thursday February 17th at 12:30 PM. Gaia Bookstore is at 1400 Shattuck Avenue (at Rose) Berkeley, CA 94709 (510) 548-4172.

Please come and say hi and buy a book or two.--DC

These author events are for when the paperback of Crooked Cucumber comes out on February 8th. This time, unlike the massive tour for the hardback, I'm not requesting additional readings. I'd rather stay home and work on new stuff and on this site. The paperback will be available before February 8th--ususally for a couple of weeks before the publishing date.--DC

9/8/99--I just got a call from the producer of the radio interview show listed below--it's been bumped today for a football game so they're going to reschedule for the third time. Well that's show biz!

On September 8th, from 6:15 to 7:00pm, I'll be interviewed by Geoffrey Fieger on WXYT radio, 1270 am in Detroit, Michigan [He's quite an interesting, famous lawyer who has represented Kavorkian among others. Now he has a talk show too. It's been postponed twice. He's a very busy guy.]

September 21--Arrive in Zurich, go to Johanneshof in Germany (Baker-roshi's place) attend his wedding to a wonderful young German lady on the 24th and 25th, drive around with Vanya Palmers (Austrian old ZC priest who has started more than one sitting place over there) and Kobun Chino for some days, and then the last few days are up in the air until I return to the states on October 4th, my son Kelly's birthday (as it is that of Sputnik).

November 7,1999--I'll be part of an evening of dinners to benefit the Zen Hospice in San Francisco, being an honored guest at a home in SF. This hospice was started by the SFZC but is independent. It has been run for years by Frank Ostenseski (sp?). For more info call 415-863-2910.

On Monday August 2nd, I'm being interviewed by Sharon Bard for her program "On the Edge and Centered" which will air on KRCB FM 91 in Santa Rosa on August 12th at 6:30 PM. Check out their website at [Link doesn't work anymore. They've probably just got a new one--DC]

I'm going to be giving the public talk at Genjo-ji, Sonoma Mt. Zen Center, near Sonoma CA, this Saturday 7/31 at 11:00 am. There's a zazen beforehand at 10:30. It's at 6367 Sonoma Mt. Road. See their web site for more info on them and for directions to get there.--DC

On July 18th some of the disciple of Suzuki-roshi will offer brief comments on passages from his lectures and answer questions--at Green Gulch Farm, Muir Beach, CA. There's a disciples group that has been meeting for a couple of years and we will meet the day before. I plan to keep quiet at Green Gulch because I've had plenty to say recently. Maybe we can get a transcript of that discussion on the 18th here at some point.

5/15/99--The tour's all over now. I had a great time, met lots of old friends and made new friends, but I'm glad to be back at home and working on the web site again. And, I'll post anything I happen to be doing on this page. There are a few things coming up. For instance, I'm going to the East Coast (6/19-28) for a family event in June and while I'm there I'll be in Boston, NYC, Brattleboro, and  at the following:

On June 23rd, I'll be at the Empty Hand Zendo at The Meeting House, 624 Milton Rd., Rye, New York at 7:30pm. For details call 914-921-3327.

On June 25, I'll be at Northshire Books in Manchester Vermont at 7:30pm. I'm going to be there because I ended up in Manchester New Hampshire by accident when I was supposed to have read at the former Manchester in March. My apologies to the good people of Vermont. I look forward to returning to your fine state soon.

After I get back I read with Wes Nisker at Books Inc in San Francisco at 8 PM on Thursday July 1. (although there was no media and I also forgot to put it on this site till the day after).


Past Book Signing Tour Schedule:  view by date or view schedule by region below.

Sat. 2/13 San Francisco Zen Center 300 Page St.
San Francisco, CA
10:15am Lecture
Followed by booksigning
Sat. 2/13 San Francisco Zen Center San Francisco, CA Benefit Dinner for
Suzuki-roshi Archive
Tues. 2/16 Copperfields Bookstore Sebastopol, CA. 7:00pm
Wed. 2/17 Clean Well Lighted Place for Books San Francisco, CA 7:30pm
Thurs. 2/18 Black Oak Books Berkeley, CA 7:30pm
Tues. 2/23 Auntie's Bookstore Spokane, WA 7:30pm
Wed. 2/24 Elliot Bay Book Co. Seattle, WA 7:30pm
Thurs. 2/25 Village Books Bellingham, WA 7:30pm
Fri. 2/26 Cyber Cafe Whidbey Island, WA 7:30pm
Sun. 2/28 Phoenix Rising Port Townsend, WA 1-5:00pm (3:00-read)
Tues. 3/2 Powells City of Books Portland, OR 7:30pm
Wed. 3/3 Tattered Cover Denver, CO Drop by in afternoon
to sign stock
Thurs. 3/4 Boulder Bookstore Boulder, CO 7:30pm
Fri. 3/5 Hungry Mind St.Paul, MN 8:00ps
Sat. 3/6 Borders (Calhoun Sq) Minneapolis, MN 7:30pm
Sun. 3/7 MN Zen Meditation Center Minneapolis, MN 10:00am Lecture
Mon. 3/8 DePaul University Chicago, IL Discussion
Tues. 3/9 Transitions Bookstore Chicago, IL 7:00pm
Thurs. 3/11 Bodhi Tree Bookstore Los Angeles, CA 7:30pm
Fri. 3/12 Capitola Book Cafe Santa Cruz, CA 7:30pm
Sat. 3/13 Book Passage Corte Madera, CA 7:30pm
Wed. 3/17 Garcia Street Books Santa Fe, NM 5:00pm
Thurs. 3/18 Page One Albuquerque, NM 7:00pm
Sat. 3/20 SFZC N.Y. Project Culture Center
410 Columbus Ave.
New York, NY
2:00pm Lecture
Sun. 3/21 Barnes & Noble W. Long Branch NJ 4:00pm 
Mon. 3/22 Gotham Bookmart 41 W. 47th St.
New York, NY
East Coast book release party/signing
Tues. 3/23 Beyond Words Northampton, MA 7:30pm
Wed. 3/24 Everyone's Books Brattleboro, VT 7:00pm
Thurs. 3/25 Northshire Books Manchester, VT 7:30pm
Fri. 3/26 RJ Julia Madison, CT 6:00pm
Sun. 3/28 Houston Zen Community 1st Unitarian Church
Houston, TX
7:00pm Lecture
Mon. 3/29 Alabama Theater Bookstop Houston, TX 7:00pm
Tues. 3/30 Bookpeople Austin, TX 7:00pm
Fri. 4/2 Borders - Hulen Ft. Worth, TX 7:00pm
Tues 4/6 Borders - 
Preston Rd/Royal Ln
Dallas, TX 7:00pm
Thurs. 4/8
Buddha's Birthday
Emory University Atlanta, GA Lecture/discussion
Fri. 4/9 Buckhead Boarders Atlanta, GA 8:00pm
Sat. 4/10 Regulator Bookstore Duram, NC 7:00pm
Sun. 4/11 Chapple Hill Zen Center Chapple Hill, NC 10:30am Lecture/signing
Wed. 4/14 Thunderbird Bookstore Carmel Valley, CA 7:00pm
Fri. 4/16 East West Bookshop Mt. View, CA 7:30pm
Fri. 4/23 Avid Reader Davis, CA 7:30pm
Wed. 4/28 Readers' Bookstore Sonoma, CA 7:30pm
Tues.4/13 Mercy Center 2300 Adline Dr. Burlingame CA 7:00pm
Sat. 4/24 Berkeley Zen Center 1933 Russell St. CA 10:00am

"A generous glimpse of the humanity and message of one of the great spiritual teachers of the modern world."
- Publisher's Weekly

1999 Crooked Cucumber Reading/Signing Tour Dates by Region:

Sat 2/13  San Francisco Zen Center San Francisco CA  10:15am
Tue 2/16  Copperfields Bookstore Sebastopol CA  7:00 
Wed 2/17 Clean Well Lighted Place San Francisco CA 7:30
Thurs 2/18 Black Oak Books Berkeley CA 7:30
Thurs 3/11 Bodhi Tree Bookstore Los Angeles, CA  7:30
Fri 3/12 Capitola Book Cafe Santa Cruz CA 7:30
Sat 3/13 Book Passage Corte Madera CA 7:30
Wed 4/14  Thunderbird Bookstore Carmel Valley CA 7:00
Fri 4/16 East West Bookshop Mt. View CA 7:30
Fri 4/23 Avid Reader Davis CA 7:30
Wed 4/28 Readers' Bookstore Sonoma CA 7:30
Tues 4/13 Mercy Center 2300 Adeline Dr.
Burlingame CA
Tue 2/23 Auntie's Bookstore Spokane WA  7:30
Wed 2/24 Elliot Bay Book Co . Seattle WA 7:30
Thurs 2/25 Village Books Bellingham WA 7:30
Fri 2/26  Cyber Cafe  Whidbey Is. WA  7:30
Sun 2/28  Phoenix Rising  Port Townsend WA  1-5:00 (3:00-reading)
Tue 3/2  Powells City of Books  Portland OR  7:30
Thurs 3/4  Boulder Bookstore  Boulder CO  7:30
Fri 3/5  Hungry Mind  St. Paul MN  8:00
Sat 3/6  Borders (Calhoun Sq.)  Minneapolis MN  7:30
Sun 3/7  MN Zen Meditation Center  Minneapolis MN  10:00am
Tue 3/9  Transitions Bookstore  Chicago IL  7:00
Mon 3/8 DePaul University Chicago IL discussion
Wed 3/17  Garcia Street Books  Santa Fe NM  5:00
Thurs 3/18  Page One  Albuquerque NM  7:00
Sun 3/28  Houston Zen Community  1st Unitarian Church  7:00
Mon 3/29  Alabama Theater Bookstop  Houston TX  7:00
Tue 3/30  Bookpeople  Austin TX  7:00
 Fri 4/2  Borders (Hulen St.)  Ft. Worth TX  7:00
Tues 4/6 Borders (Preston/Royal)  Dallas TX 7:00
Sat 3/20  SFZC NY Project Culture Center 
410 Columbus Ave
Sun 3/21  Barnes & Noble  W. Long Branch NJ  4:00
Mon 3/22  Gotham Bookmart  41 W. 47th St
New York  NY
5-7:30 - East Coast
book release party and signing
Tue 3/23  Beyond Words Northampton MA  7:30
Wed 3/24  Everyone's Books  Brattleboro VT  7:00
Thurs 3/25  Northshire Books Manchester VT 7:30
Fri 3/26  RJ Julia Madison CT  6:00
Fri 4/9  Buckhead Boarders  Atlanta GA  8:00
Sat 4/10  Regulator Bookshop  Durham NC  7:00
Sun 4/11 Chapel Hill Zen Center Chapel Hill NC 10:30am
Thurs 4/8 Emory University Atlanta, GA  lecture/discussion

For more information, please e-mail your questions to dchad3(at)sonic(dot)net [add the number "2" after the dchad to get to DC directly. This avoids spam]

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