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Brief Memories of Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Center back then, etc. 

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Shunryu Suzuki Index

photo by Lisa Law

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Zen is Right Here, Shambhala, fall 2007 - vignettes on Suzuki by DC

Tozen Akiyama - almost met

Anonymous, sent by Jane Hirshfield

Sheridan Adams (Ericson) - You know nothing!

Beverly Armstrong (Horowitz) - Shhhhh

Eric Arnow - Don't move!

Tony Artino - Suzuki lecture brief notes

Barbara Bash - only as a presence

Edward Brown - on his shaking and Suzuki

Tim Buckley - in Suzuki's garden

Edward Brown - more instruction?

Joanne Bull - the nature of mind

Wolf BŁntig - friendly attention

David Chadwick - various

Kobun Chino - a few comments

Dan Chesluk - you'll always be part of the sangha

David Cohn - Shunryu with Alan Watts

Eijun Linda Cutts - bow

Mike Daft - Flowers

Donnie Deangelo - the birthday photo, a curious tale

Daniel Eggink - Kindness

Jack Elias - with Maggie Kress

Bruce Fortin

From Charlie Guilford

Jerry Halpern

Silas Hoadley - Suzuki's wedding ceremony message

Ned Hoke - Visiting the grave site

Tony Johansen - a driving story

From Les Kay of Kannon Do

Mary Kaye on Suzuki the thief

Laura Shinko Kwong - Suzuki and Trungpa

Stuart Lachs - Don't forget

Fil Lewitt writes from Japan

Peter Malakoff - hiking through Tassajara

Jeri Marlowe - sister-in-law of Alan

Diana J. Mukpo (Chogyam Trungpa's widow)

James Murphy - a teenager arrives

Loring Palmer - excerpts from his cuke interview

Loring Palmer on Suzuki and LSD

Loring Palmer remembers a doctor who treated Suzuki

Pat Phelan - the early wakeup bell incident

Nicolas Pierotti - running for president

Brit Pyland - don't worry so much

Audrey Robinson (Walter) - Eliot's Blowout Encounter

Nanao Sakaki - Hi!

Dennis Samson

Sue Satermo - Laughing and crying in Emptiness and What is War?

Ken Schnell - How do I express my gratitude?

John Steiner - a link to his cuke interview

Taisan (Larry) Sheridan - swallowed whole

Elson B, Snow - Jodo Shin editor

Gary Snyder - too serious

Gary Snyder - from Matt J interview

Fred Stoeber in Hawaii - thought he should ask a question

Katherine Thanas - Follow the yes.

Al Tribe - two memories and a poem

Elizabeth Tuomi - his eyes

Jack Van Allen - on making a bell

Bob Walter - on a pacifist question

Sydney Walter averts disaster

Judyth Weaver - from Japan and Rinzai to SFZC

Joel Weishaus - misty

Dana Gaskin Wenig - met as a kid

Dennis White - On not trying to be perfect

Jack Williamson - his posture

Patrick Woodworth shares a few memories

Judith Yamamoto on a chance meeting with Suzuki

from Barbara Young

Unknown - When's meditation?


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