MASAJI YAMADA'S LETTER to DC translated by Shizuko Takatsuka

[See Interview with Masaji Yamada (who is called Yamada Masaji, of course, in Japan) for info on him]

Response in brief

I. The murder case of the wife of Suzuki Roshi (Shunryu):

It was said the name of the assailant was Otsubo. I do not know his name at all. It is true that the murder took place and I was one of those who went there immediately on that day and confirmed it. After that, there was a trial, and he was found not guilty due to his insanity. (I heard about it from someone.)

II. The activity of Suzuki Roshi during the war:

A. He was a pacifist, especially pro-America (shinbeiha). I do not know anything about the papers submitted to GHQ.

B. Regarding the re-opening of the kindergarten, I was told then that he took over the management because the previous manager was getting too old for the work.

C. SR as a teacher:

I have heard that SR temporary taught English as a part-time teacher at Kyusei [Kaisei] Chugaku, when he had a time right after he graduated from Komazawa Daigaku (Buddhist School) in approx. 1930 (for one year).

D. About peace procession: unknown to me at all.

III. Other miscellaneous things about SR:

He was born in a farm family in a relatively poor area in Kanagawa prefecture. He intended to pursue his career as a Buddhist monk in a temple. While he was in chugaku and daigaku, he practiced Buddhism in a temple which took care of his tuition. After spending some time in a few different temples practicing the Buddhist teachings, he finally became a jushoku of Rinsoin, a quite well known temple in this area.

He was not particularly prominent figure any more than a typical jushoku of a temple. Perhaps a notable thing about him would be that he went to America for a mission and established Sokoji.

IV.History of Yaizu: nothing significant.

Masaji Yamada (79)