Interview with Fumiyo Uchiyama

Fumiyo Uchiyama


DC: When did you meet SR?

Arrived in Berkely Sept. 1970

I came to sesshin Sokoji from San Diego where I had a job but I didn’t know Doug

68,69 – something like that.

Okusan invited me for tea after sesshin and the 2nd floor

Narrow place – people watched movie there I met SR.

DC: How’d you get interested in Zen?

Started long time ago in Japan. Came here to graduate school. Started in LA. Yamada Reirin Roshi went back to Japan and Maezumi came. My teacher in Japan Aoki Koitzu at Myoseiji told me about Suzuki.

DC: When did you first learn about the radiaton belt?

After moved to SF zendo.

DC: Who told you?

I saw it. Mrs. Suzuki constantly invited me to her kitchen. I sw it, a belt. She talked about it. A friend or someone gave him. I don’t think it’s a doctor. I know that a doctor in Japan wouldn’t give that. There are radiation bathes in Japan, natural hot springs with radiation. I’m a physicist. Radiation an incurable sickness. They never think it’s something to cure. They hate. Natural radiation not so strong. Have to speak about how strong. Have to know social background. It’s true many people use hot springs as remedy and maybe think weak bathes folk remedy if below certain levels.

DC: When got?

68 to 71

I think he only wore it when sick – like magnetic neckless. I don’t think we have the idea radiation helps health. First time I saw it was on Page Street. Radon beruto. Randon onsen famous. I’d never heard of such a thing.

DC: You called Doug and he brought a Geiger Counter. Do you remember how many rads?

I didn’t see Geiger Counter so close. I recall clearly seeing it but don’t remember the number.

I talked mainly with Okusan. Doug talked with SR.

I remember given from friend. Restriction on selling this belft in Japan. Maybe not so strict as here but maybe not so easy to buy. Dangerous but depends on strength.

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