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9-12-12 - MK mentioned Suzuki's use of the word incubate which Richard Baker had used in his recent lecture at the SFZC and MK sent a comment on it - and he slightly edited the Suzuki excerpt here.

"It is not--after you become real Buddhist (you) wear robe. That is wrong [laughs]. Before you become real Buddhist, you should wear robe [laughs]. Before you can take care of yourself, you should follow . . . (probably rules), you know, you should be incubate--incubat(ing) [laughs, laughter]. When you are strong enough, you should get out of hospital, (to) where there is no rules. I don't know when you can do that [laughs]."

from the beginning of excerpt from 71-06-20 (precept excerpts)


I don't think he means "incubate" like Dick uses it. Similar but more like "gestate." Wear a robe while you're pregnant -- protects the baby -- and when you've given birth get out of the hospital.

This is a rare case where he gives the "dangerous" advice it often feels like he'd like to give. Dangerous because of what happens when you have people anointing themselves ready to leave "the hospital"? Unleashing maniacs -- and what happens to "the hospital"? It shrivels from loss of patients.