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Chart - Shunryu Suzuki Lecture Transcript Categories and Info - V. Nov. 29, 2014 - by DC

An Index of the 2004 collection of Shunryu Suzuki Lectures - Created by Shinshu Roberts - added 10-30-14

This index was of greater use before the searchability we have now with the Internet. But some may want to access it here or print it up. It would be good for someone to update the index by including all the additions to the Suzuki lecture archive since 2004 which can be accessed at

This index identifies which lectures contain which key words and names. Some of the lecture file names in the archive on have changed. Will post a chart tomorrow that indicates those changes. - dc

From Branching Streams Flow in the Darkness - Shunryu Suzuki lectures on the Sandokai - Branching Streams page

* Mel Weitsman's Introduction

* Michael Wenger's Introduction

* Lineage Chart from the book

* Translation of Sandokai

* Transliteration of Sandokai - with Chinese reading that the Japanese is based on

11-30-14 - DC Sandokai Study - Created this line by line study in the summer of 1970 while Suzuki Roshi was giving the lectures on it. Before each lecture would go over it briefly with him. When posted earlier wrote that Yoshimura Sensei did the kanji but didn't look close enough. Those are my kanji (as were the ones on the blackboard on the altar when Suzuki gave the lectures). Yoshimura did the kanji for the Genjo Koan and Fukanzazengi studies done in the summer of 74 and 75 with Trudy Hartman typing my work up - a big job. Will post those also someday if I find them. - DC

11-24-14 - Brian Fikes on his Work with Shunryu Suzuki Lectures

8-12-14 - Bill Redican's Shunryu Suzuki lecture master log from his valiant work over a decade ago - in Group I  of 2013 Scans from Cuke Archives

This log focuses on lectures with audio. The archive is more complete now and there have been many changes, but this is an important archival document. It's a PDF of about 120 mgs. Thanks to Jean Selkirk for creating this PDF. Bill's work concentrated on lectures with audio.

Creating this page to post various documents that should be part of the Suzuki lecture archive but don't know where to put them. It will be linked to from the Notes section of Not sure what all will go here. - DC