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Excerpts from Shunryu Suzuki lectures - 2014-5
[laughs] = Suzuki laughs [laughter] = students laugh

Buddha Buddha Buddha Buddha

You know, when your practice is not good, you are a poor buddha [laughs]. If your practice is good, you are good Buddha. And poor and good is also independent buddha, you know. Poor is buddha, and good is buddha, and you are buddha too. For every word, or whatever you think, whatever you say, every word becomes buddha. Then there is no trouble [laughs], you know. I am buddha. If I say “I am buddha,” “I” is buddha, “am” is buddha, “b” is buddha, and “buddha” is of course buddha. Buddha, buddha, buddha [laughs, laughter]. That is how you say buddha, buddha, buddha, buddha [laughs, laughter]. There is no need to translate it into English, you know [laughs, laughter]. There is no need to [be] bothered by a fancy explanation of Buddhism [laughs]. If you say “buddha, buddha, buddha, buddha” [laughs], that is the way. That is shikantaza, you know: everything is buddha. So sitting is buddha, lying down is buddha, and whatever you say, each word is buddha.

Minimally edited by DC. From 68-07-24

[Laughs = Suzuki laughs. Laughter = students laugh]