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Excerpts from Shunryu Suzuki lectures - 2014-5
[laughs] = Suzuki laughs [laughter] = students laugh

Docho Roshi, who are you?

Docho Roshi is a title for the abbot of a monastery. I'd forgotten we used it this far back - just for this shosan ceremony, not everyday use. Shosan took place at the end of practice periods. One by one the students would ask the abbot, Shunryu Suzuki, a question. Here's one from dearly departed Katherine Thanas.

Katherine Thanas: Docho Roshi, who are you?


SR: Good question [laughs]. To whom you are asking [laughter]?


Katherine: To all of you.


SR: Hmm? All of me [laughs]? You know, “all of me” is bad, you know. All of-- do you really understand all of me? All of me-- what you see and what you do not see?


Katherine: I don't know that I understand it all. I feel there is much there.


SR: I am here. But before I am here, you know, what existed here? Something you don't know existed [laughs]. I am, you know, someone who exists here who is speaking something. And I am also someone who-- someone who does not appear in this way. Before I say something-- before I exist here, something is here with all being. And I am both someone who has form and color, and someone who has no form and no color. And you are speaking to someone who has body and mind.


Katherine: Thank you very much.


from 68-11-11: SHOSAN CEREMONY

bit of editing by DC. Posted 12-23-14