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The Cambridge Buddhist Association
from the website of Harvard's Pluralism Project 
with a few small additions and subtractions by Elsie Mitchell and DC

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The Cambridge Buddhist Association is defunct

The C.B.A. Today

9-30-07 update - There are currently two teachers at the CBA: Lama Migmar, a Tibetan who is the Harvard University Buddhist chaplain, and Austrian Dokoro (sp?), in the Rinzai lineage of Joshu Sasaki who had a zendo in Salzburg and who is the Buddhist chaplain for Boston University. The Cambridge Buddhist Association's former resident director wqs the Ven. Dharman Stortz, a Zen monk of Bukkokuji with 30 years of experience in Buddhist meditation practices. The Association conducts a regular schedule of zazen, retreats, introductory periods for beginners, children’s Dharma classes and Buddhist services at its present location at 75 Sparks Street. They also maintain a library. In addition, the C.B.A. provides facilities for other Buddhist groups in the Boston area, which currently include the Community of Interbeing and the Sakya Institute, with the Lama Migmar in charge. A quarterly schedule and newsletter is available on request.

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Maurine Stuart Roshi (1922-1990), student of Soen Nakagawa Roshi (1907-1984), was the CBA teacher most known to recent students at the SFZC.

CBA's 50th anniversary - congratulations

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