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Letters and cards sent by Shunryu Suzuki to Elsie Mitchell - 1964 - 1970

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Edited transcription

Sep 17th '65

Dear Mrs. Mitchell,

I am so glad to tell you that I am arriving at Boston Airport at 5:30 PM Wednesday the 22nd by American Air Line.

My tentative schedule is to stay at your home for 2 nights, Wednesday and Thursday. I would like to leave about 9 am, Friday, for Northampton and stay there 3 nights. I will come back to your place on the morning of the 27th, Monday. I am not sure about my going to Wyoming until I call Mr. Mike & Trudy Dixon* from your place, but I must come back to Los Angeles for the annual meeting of Japanese members of Soto School in North America.

I am so glad that you will arrange my transportation to Mrs. Schalk's* place at Northampton.

If it is convenient for you, I shall be very happy to give your members my lecture.

Of course this is my proposed plan, but you can discuss it with your members and if necessary with Mrs. Schalk.

Please give my best regards to your husband and Don too.

I shall meet you soon.

With Gassho,

Rev. Shunryu Suzuki


Mrs. Schalk's Phone is (413) 584-5655

* Dixons - suzuki's students - Trudy's family came from Montana. She edited Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind and died shortly thereafter.

* Dorothy Schalk was a woman who was a student of Suzuki's on the East Coast. She wanted to start a center on her land in Northampton and Philip Whalen did come out to be a priest there, but it didn't work out. According to Elsie Suzuki always called her "Mrs. Chalk."

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