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Letters and cards sent by Shunryu Suzuki to Elsie Mitchell - 1964 - 1970

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Edited transcription

Jan. 16th '67

Dear Elsie,

Thank you so much for your telephone call and the letter.

I wrote to Michiko at the end of last December to encourage her to decide on her plan about coming to America. And again as soon as I had the telephone call from John I wrote to her. I know that she is in a kind of difficult situation with her brothers, another [?], and her grandmother but I expect her to give me the exact plan quite soon. So please wait for one or two weeks.*

Thank you very much for sending in more contribution. We are all very grateful for it. The project is going pretty well. Paid another 5 thousand for the new project of getting the hot spring place instead of the Horse Pasture. We will invite Prof. Yokoi, who was my Teacher's disciple, from Komazawa or Kosho Uchiyama from Antaiji in Kyoto for the coming sesshin at Tassajara.**

In the end of Feb. I am planning to visit your place. There is no need for you to plan anything as I want just to see you and hear your suggestions about the future plan and way to extend our way in the West, as I feel a great responsibility for future students of Zen in America.

With Gassho,

Shunryu Suzuki

*See notes about Michiko in prior two letters.

** Suzuki's desire to have these priests he respected come to help at Tassajara did not materialize.

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