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the Soto Zen temple on Bush St. in San Francisco where the SFZC started
where Shunryu Suzuki was the chief priest from May 1959 till November 1969.

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4-25-14 -
Sokoji, Soto Zen Mission items from San Francisco Public Library archives

Sokoji and the other half of our practice - Claude Ananda - PDF from the fall 1986 Wind Bell

Rob Lee with some memories of Sokoji, the Soto Zen temple on Bush St. in San Francisco where the SFZC started. Rob wrote Collaborating With Angels about Issan and Maitri hospice.

3-09-12 - Two emails about Kokoro, the former Sokoji

Early ZC board notes with DC comments - 63-12-07 - The new temple they're talking about is for the Japanese congregation which moved there around the corner in 1972. Here it is. Here's their Facebook page. Here's the Wikipedia page for Sokoji.  The Dr. Kato who was mentioned is the priest who was in charge of Sokoji when Shunryu Suzuki arrived. He was involved with Zenshuji in LA into the 21st century. Here's his cuke interview. Bishop Umada should be Bishop Yamada.

Article on Gordon Onslow-Ford about his art and his study with Tobase, the priest at Sokoji before Suzuki. - PDF - from the 91-2 Fall Wind Bell.

From the April 1965 Wind Bell

1962 SF Examiner article about ZC and Shunryu Suzuki


Sokoji, Soto Zen Mission, 1881 Bush Street, San Francisco, c. 1965.  (from Crooked Cucumber)

After Shunryu Suzuki Mountain Seat Ceremony, May 20, 1962, members of Japanese-American congregation, Zen Center, and guests in front of Sokoji. (from Crooked Cucumber)

These two old photos sent by Dana Takagi
who wrote: A good friend of mine, who works with various foundations in SF, showed me these earlier this year--her father and grandfather were members and i think grandpa may have been a priest.  Her family name is yamashiro.  she is one of the little girls in the photo.