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Shunryu Suzuki letter to Grahame Petchey 67-05-29

Suzuki letters to Petchey

Dear Tokujun

Excuse me for not writing back to you sooner. I heard something beside you have written to me about Buddhism in London. It must be difficult situation for you right now, but when they have found out you are doing nothing but zazen, every thing will be calm down.

Here in San Francisco, besides TASSAJARA, another project of building a new temple for our Japanese congregation has started. So I can not say anything definitly right now, but I am planing to extend my trip just to see you and Miss Ransom this autumn, when I visit east coast.

I will tell you about my schedule as soon as possible.

Please give my love to Pauline.

With gassho

Rev. Sunryu Suzuki

P.S. Chino Kobun san is coming to S.F. soon leaving Yokohama June 7th.