Letters and cards sent by Shunryu Suzuki to Elsie Mitchell - 1964 - 1970

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Edited transcription

Tues. Sep. 29, 1964

Dear Mr. Mrs. Mitchell,

I have just come back without the beautiful but poison oak-like-plant and my Japanese coat. I told my wife all the rest of the things which I did at your home, except my secret hobby* - [I must keep that] especially from her. Will you please keep my coat till I visit you next time?

With Gassho,

Rev. S. Suzuki

* The "secret hobby" is explained in the Article on Elsie Mitchell. He's just referring to going down to the beach by himself to sit zazen in the morning. His wife wouldn't have liked it because it was cold, wet, and he sat way up on a big rock.

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