Letters and cards sent by Shunryu Suzuki to Elsie Mitchell - 1964 - 1970

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Edited transcription


[note at top] The Brundage Collection was opened to the public at the De Young Memorial Museum about four weeks ago.

Dear Mrs. Mitchell,

Thank you so much for your constant kindness to send me so many things. Especially so many copies of "The Way of Zen". [sic!]* The two books which you sent me this time have arrived the day before yesterday in the soft warm package, after a long peaceful trip.

I hope you do not remember this, anyway, a long time ago I criticized someone who wrote me a long, long letter. I did not make any excuse to you for my wrong attitude about which I became very ashamed as soon as I said it, but I still remember what I said. This criticism had nothing to do with you but I must ask you to forgive me for my poor correspondence.*

Oh how, how I wish it were possible to have a good secretary as good as you could be.

Mrs. Schalk has arrived S.F. to attend our annual sesshin.

I miss you because I feel I know how you feel now. Moreover, since you are not so well I am not sure where you are. This is awful enough and I make it worse because of my poor correspondence.

I am leaving S.F. August 26th for Japan. I shall stay there for 2 months.

I must meet with Fujimoto Roshi.

With Gassho,

S. Suzuki

P.S. I tried to reach you on the phone, (but I couldn't) because I find it very difficult to express myself and I have so many things to talk about.

I express my sincere respect to the late D.T. Suzuki

[at top because he ran out of room] It is a great loss for us. Isn't it Elsie! Now I realized this. When it is too late.

* This letter was undated but can be placed in mid July of 1966 - found on the Internet the date of June 11, 1966 for the Brundage Collection show at the De Young Museum and also he went to Japan in August of that year. 

* NOT the Way of Zen but The Way of Zazen by Rindo Fujimoto

* We don't have the letter he refers to here.

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