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Stephanie Flagg

I was rereading the last Wind Bell, and noticed the request for personal recollections of Suzuki Roshi. I have a little incident to report, but in my mind it was of much significance.

I began going to Sokoji Temple around 1967 or '68, and had attended about two zazen periods. The next time I went, the zendo was filled with tables, set with food and no evidence of any zazen to take place. I was perplexed, and went downstairs where people were entering the church. I asked an usher if I could attend the service, and was told it was only for the Japanese community. As I turned to leave I noticed Suzuki Roshi running down the stairs. I proceeded out the door, down the steps to the walk, when Suzuki Roshi came out the door and called to me. I went to him, and he explained there was a special breakfast taking place in the zendo, but there would be zazen the coming week. I was very appreciative and impressed that he should bother to come after me to tell me this. It is very possible that I might not have returned, if he had not caught me to explain the circumstances.

I have a very clear memory of him and this occasion, and it is certainly an example of his concern for others.

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