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Bishop Ippo Shaku

Suzuki Roshi had great character, he was never disturbed, his mind was very stable and calm yet very flexible.

The first time I met him was at a New Year's celebration at Sokoji. I knew number of people there and I was sitting next to Suzuki Roshi and several members greeted me. Suzuki Roshi said, "you're so popular, you'd better take my place as Abbot of this temple."

Later I visited him at Tassajara and asked what is the future of Buddhism in America. He said he didn't know. I asked him if Americans could understand him. He said, "Whatever people understand is O.K. By their free knowing, they will get it." I said, "Zazen is so uncomfortable for Westerners, maybe there is some other way.” He said, "That's all I know, that's what my teacher taught me."

When he left Sokoji to start Zen Center on Page Street, one of the parishioners at a meeting said that all he did at Sokoji was nap. But he just calmly listened, and was not disturbed.

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