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New Books - as of 2002
or at least new to be mentioned herein
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There are a number of other new books out of the SF Zen Center crowd that I should mention. They are all listed in the bibliography herein. They are linked here to Independent booksellers, my dear friends, please excuse me - it's for informational purposes only. I have no commercial links on this site. - DC

Zig Zag Zen: Buddhism and Psychedelics
by Allan Hunt Badiner (Editor), Alex Grey (Editor), Huston Smith (Preface) [and I've got a chapter in there - DC], Chronicle Books. See the much longer unedited version of my contribution to this book, Psychoactivism.

to stop the War on Drugs.

Wind Bell: Teachings from the San Francisco Zen Center - 1968-2001 -- by Michael Wenger (Editor), Gretel Erlich, North Atlantic Books. A great collection of various articles, including Suzuki lectures, from old Wind Bells.

Being Upright: Zen Meditation and the Bodhisattva Precepts by Reb Anderson. Rodmell Press, 2000.

Opening to You: Zen Inspired Translation of the Psalms by Norman Fischer, Penguin Putnam

Not Always So: Practicing the True Spirit of Zen, Shunryu Suzuki, edited by Edward Espe Brown. Harper Collins. This is the true sequel to Zen Mind Beginner's Mind.

Neither Monk nor Layman, Clerical Marriage in Modern Japanese Buddhism, Richard M. Jaffe, Princeton University Press

Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life, Byron Katie, Stephen Mitchell (contributor), Harmony Books - not from anyone in ZC but some of us are interested in her work. Here's a blurb I wrote for it that's on the back of the book. - DC

Healing Lazarus : A Buddhist's Journey from Near Death to New Life -- by Lewis Richmond, Pocket Books. See my comments - DC.

Deep Fool by BS Eisenberg, Hara Publishing. Shocking, disturbing.


Suzuki Roshi student Bill Lane has been reading my books here by Shodo Harada Roshi who was my teacher and kind patron when I was in Japan and I realized that I'd never put them on this web site because this is a Shunryu Suzuki oriented web site but it really has no particular limits and Shodo Harada Roshi's teaching is as worthy as anything I've got on here. His books are Morning Dewdrops of the Mind : Teachings of a Contemporary Zen Master and The Path to Bodhidharma : Teachings of Shodo Harada Roshi. Those links are to (for informational purposes before you buy them from independent booksellers though I must say I do appreciate Amazon) but you can also go to to learn more about Shodo Harada Roshi, his teaching, his sangha, and his books. Also check out I miss him. He's great. Check him out. The reason I keep writing his full name is that there are so many Harada Roshis in Japan who teach westerners. It's sort of an anomaly, like if there were five well known Zen teachers in America named Johnson. - DC 

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