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A new book by an old Suzuki student

white magic.gif (14844 bytes)White Magic: Vibrational Medicine in Action 
by Molly Jones LAc 
144 pages ISBN: 1583485198
recently available (April, 2000)

Molly's cuke page

Her book can be ordered through bookstore. Their price: $8 95

iUniverse says about Molly's book:

White Magic is a complete guide to understanding the leading edge techniques in vibrational medicine. The practice of vibrational medicine is growing exponentially. Many practitioners are achieving remarkable results, often in cases where little or no help was available before Astonishing success in treating food intolerance and environmental allergies has been achieved. The author has had success treating many types of pain, addictions, digestive problems, headaches, fatigue, insomnia problems, side effects from prescription drugs, and other ailments. Often these patients have gone everywhere to find help, only to be told there is nothing wrong with them or they are depressed.

With vibrational medicine, often the energetic problem can be pinpointed and treated successfully. Children as well as animals can be treated painlessly and effectively. The practitioner can often find and correct sub-clinical conditions the patient in much better health than before. Every primary care physician, nurse, alternative health care practitioner, and person seeking answers to health problems will find White Magic fascinating and informative reading. Any person suffering from ailments of all types or chronic ailments deserves to and should read this book

Molly says, "There are some quality control problems with on-line books as of this date, so there are some typos and the cover didn't come out as buff as I would have liked Nonetheless, I am overall happy with the book "

Check it out - DC

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