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10-04-10 - I'd like to announce the publication of my new non-fiction book, The Zen Follies, which is now available only on (to "books" to "fil lewitt").


The price is $11.95, and within the US, there is free shipping if you order $25 or more from Amazon. My three novels (lit/pop thrillers), Tight, Dead White Males, and Millennial Blues (in that timeline) are all still available as well, at $9.95 each. 

All four books are quality paperbacks. If you live outside the US, postage is a bit expensive, but you can also get them sent free to an American relative or friend, and pick them up when you visit.

For a detailed description of The Zen Follies, as well as the three novels, again, please go to, then books, then Fil Lewitt. All of the books except Tight have a "look inside" feature, which shows you a lot of pages.

The following places and persons are among the ones mentioned or discussed in The Zen Follies: Tassajara Monastery, San Francisco Zen Center, Big River Farm Sangha, Daitokuji Temple in Kyoto; Fil Lewitt (myself), Katagiri Dainin-roshi, Suzuki Shunryu-roshi,  Tatsugami-roshi, Tommy Dorsey-roshi, Ikkyu-roshi, Kobori Nanrei-sensei, Chogyam Trungpa-rinpoche, Dick Baker, Reb Anderson, Bob Walter, Alan Rabold, Jack Elias, David Chadwick, Ed Brown, Dan Welch, Daisy Hellman Paradis, Linda Crawford, Gary Snyder, Richard Alpert (Ram Dass), Harold Brayton, and others.

I priced it too low to make any money (my royalty is less than a buck), in the hopes that some people will buy it and read it. The book takes an unusual, and often irreverent, look at Zen In America over the last forty years. You're welcome to laugh at me, and with me.

My next book, a novel, BAD BOY BILL & His Adventures with Naughty Girls, will be published, also on, sometime in 2011.

Thanks for your time, and I hope your interest.

Best regards, Fil

Fil Lewitt  / P.O. Box 8, Amphur Muang, / Krabi 81000 Thailand / <> House #20

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