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4/4/2000 - from Julia VanHuss:

Mellanay Delhom [a friend of DC's mother] gave me a signed copy of your book as she knows I have practiced zazen and have some interest in Buddhism. The book was given to her by her childhood friend -- your mother, of course. I am one of Miss Delhom's "disciples."

I intend to read all that is available on the web site, but I first wanted to write to you and give you my impressions of your book before I read the reviews. I finished the book with the oddest kind of joyous sadness. Your Suzuki comes off as flawed, almost terribly so, and yet the truths you tell in no way diminish him. Your love for him is evident on every page. I commend you for your unsentimental portrait of Suzuki, that despite its detachment, is intimate and totally loving.

Your style is refreshingly self-effacing, but I was not a bit fooled by your modest remarks. Your courage in writing truthfully about those involved with Suzuki speaks for your own willingness to be who you are and let other be who they are, without judgment but with total acceptance of "things-as-it-is." Suzuki taught by the example he set. And so do you.

I will always be grateful to Miss Delhom for giving me you wonderful book. Julia VanHuss, 501 Sardis Lane, Charlotte, North Carolina 28270.

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