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03-10-03 - Greetings friends of You may have noticed there hasn't been anything new on this site for the last month. The reason is that I'm selling my house and I've been spending all my time getting it in order - cleaning, painting, removing paint from hardware, mowing the lawns, having open houses, going through all my stuff and selling and giving away everything I can. No good offers yet but it's a great home in a wonderful place, Sebastopol north of San Francisco. Here's the basic info:

[The house sold in May of 2003]

Area: Sebastopol
Address: 266 West Street
x-street: Strout
Price: $495,000
Bedroom/Baths: 2bd/1ba
Agent: R. Vallee
Phone: 707-824-2500

It's on You hit Preview Our Listings and way down the list there it is: 

Sebastopol $495,000 Great House in Great Neighborhood! 2065

And you hit the links on that line or on this one and you'll go to it's own page with photos.

I love living here in this house but it's time for a change. I plan to sell it, pay off debts, get rid of everything I can except for my archives and basic office, writing, and music stuff, maybe travel a little if there's any money left, then find some small place near here and get back to work doing whatever it is that I do - writing and interviewing people, working on some new books that may or may not get into print and writing and recording songs and working on which I'd like to revamp, add to, subtract from.  Where I am and what I do will be largely determined by the fact that my eleven year old son, Clayton, goes to school in Sebastopol. Maybe I'll even get a job. Or move to a commune. Who knows? We'll see. People ask me all the time where I'll be moving to and I say, "I don't know." I love the feeling of moving toward some unknown future which is getting lighter and lighter as I part with all these things. I know, though, that as long as I have a body there will be no end to having things and loosing them. I'm reminded of Suzuki Roshi's saying something about life being like getting on a boat that goes to sea and sinks. I'm just making it a smaller, less cluttered boat. The real clutter isn't things though, it's all these pesky delusions. - DC

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