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1/24/2000--from Paul Shippee: Hello David and Happy New Year,

Thanks for your letter asking for money! and remembering the L.A. where we had a good time! (almost one year ago)....

I have been wanting to write to you for some time now regarding Crooked Cucumber which I read -in toto- last summer/fall. Duncan Campbell gave me a copy with this inscription written inside:

To Paul Shippee Beloved soul brother, fellow traveler on the path and Ocean-wave-Ocean together-

With love and great appreciation of your Being. Duncan

...just wanted to share that with you, David.

But even more than that, I want to say to, how much I enjoyed and appreciated the amazing book that you put is so complete, so well written, so well put together, so much dedication and work went into it... can take this from someone who was there, who knows!!

AND I am so amazed and appreciative that it was YOU ...of all people...who came forward as the one to do this service to our beloved teacher, & to all students past, present, and future....etc. ....David, I just can't find the words to praise you and your work enough...a truly fine, true, and correct piece of human endeavor.

I for one truly appreciate you for this...

the wind blows in the trees the tiger smiles seriously in the grassy plain ...your words make the ancestors happy!

Now, about the Money ....I will be pleased to help you out with projects (both with money and with writing about my fantastic first encounter with Suzuki roshi - which I've done twice already in my journals/notebooks -and send it to you for web site or whatever)

but first I need to make the money..... :) as you will see w/ the hot blue links displayed below, I have a business ...something like Internet Merchant....for health products... that I have been building piece-by-piece in so-called spare time over the last two years.

I am ready to train others in this home-biz thing now and am actively recruiting now...with a view to putting everything on Automatic sometime down the road I do like this Network Marketing thing...I think it is environmentally sound (use the Wires, not the Tires!) and Socially Fair.

All I am saying is I don't have the money now, but if you know people who are looking for a way to make money with me (participating in their own way on what have built here)...then send them to me. The faster I recruit and train the faster I will be pleased to share some of the cash with you (in fact, that's one of the reasons I am doing this Internet business stuff anyway)

Paul Shippee HealthResource2000 -A Smart Health Store-

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