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David Schneider has a new book out - Goods: Short Stories
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Linked, fictional, short stories, set in Zen centers and Tibetan vajrayana meditation communities. What happens when Westerners—young, earnest, often amorous women and men—set out on the Buddhist spiritual path? What happens when scores of them end up living together in the same building or neighborhood for meditation? In these uncensored tales of the practice world, such seekers often have to make it up as they go, integrating classical wisdom with modern reality. This includes their own playful or unruly energies. Guided by (mostly) Asian teachers, they do what they can to faithfully live the tradition, learn about themselves, and about one another. What results is a comedy of manners.

Goods is a Cuke Press-DE book - DE stands for Germany

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The Moneyya Chronicles:
Selected Poems and Musings

by Bhikkhu Moneyya

with original color artwork from Bali

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Published July 2019

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small cover

A Brief History of Tassajara: from Native American Sweat Lodges to Pioneering Zen Monastery
by Marilyn McDonald with a foreword and afterword by David Chadwick

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Press page with basic description of book.

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Date of publication November 19, 2018



Three books from DC available from Cuke Press in August, 2019
These three were originally published by Speir Publications which is no more.
Paul Speir got them ready to be Cuke Press books.


To Find the Girl from Perth

an illustrated novel  - with songs - set in Western Australia

first published in 2008 by Speir Publications

by DC

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Color Dreams for To Find the Girl from Perth

with full page color illustrations
by Andrew Atkeison 
aside quotes from the novel by DC

first published in 2008 by Speir Publications

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Thanks for the books! THE is great -- have you seen Rory MacBeth's Alphabetical Bible? or the minimal poems of Aram Saroyan? Two of my favorites which this reminds me of. I dig the austerity of the book as well, from the cover to the type. Oh, also check out Craig Dworkin's PARSE. Blow your mind. And Color Dreams, so different, is simply beautiful, a perfect melding of text & image (hard to do well). And Kelly's anthology is simply, well, how can you go wrong a group of poets like that? Thank you so much for reaching out to me. These are superb projects that I'm so happy to live with! - Kenneth Goldsmith - (wikipedia page for Kenneth Goldmith)

 The, the Book

 by DC

first published in 2011 by Speir Publications as The by Chavid Dadwick

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Cuke Press (LLC) was founded by DC with Lawrence Burns, son of Marilyn McDonald in order to publish A Brief History of Tassajara which was compiled from her scrapbook. DC is the Poobah and Lawrence Burns is the treasurer.




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