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My youngest son had a current events paper for science due last night so we looked around on the Internet and found this article and talked about it and so he's going to hand it in today. He goes to a little private school that I guess will allow him to use language such as at the end of the article. - DC

Clay Chadwick


This report is based mainly on an article from the Union of Concerned Scientists website.
The URL is
The headline is below.

Preeminent Scientists Protest Bush Administration's Misuse of Science Nobel Laureates, National Medal of Science Recipients, and Other Leading Researchers Call for End to Scientific Abuses

On February 18th of this year, sixty important scientists issued a statement. They said in a nutshell that they are very concerned that the Bush administration is taking over mainstream science and not letting the truth get out when it goes against what they want. For instance, it’s known that lead from paint can seriously damage developing brains. The Bush administration is more concerned about the financial health of the paint companies than the actual health of our people. My father rants and raves about Bush saying something in his State of the Union Address about "frivolous asbestos lawsuits" when the asbestos companies knew as far back as the 1930s that it was giving their employees lung cancer and the companies hid it from them.

Important scientists from Nixon, Ford, and Bush’s father’s governments spoke out at the presentation of the report and said that if these Republican presidents had done what Bush is doing that at least hundreds of thousands of people would have died and millions more been sick from pollution. The report actually said that the way that the Bush administration has pushed their hypocritically named Clear Skies act would be like the National Weather Service not telling people that a hurricane was coming because the government had other business it was interested in rather than getting ready for the hurricane. They tell government scientists to come up with the results they want so they can ignore endangered species and global warming.

These politically evil political people are leading our country into misery and taking advantage of a certain percentage of ignorant people who blindly follow them. I wanted to call them bitches but my father wouldn’t let me but he said I could call the Bush administration bitches.

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