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4-26-13 - Happy Chernobyl Day - 26 April 1986

from Taigen Dan Leighton
Devil's Tango: How I Learned the Fukushima Step by Step by Cecile Pineda

"This book is a revelation, and a searing denunciation of the worldwide nuclear energy industry"  -John Nichols
Amazon link for this book --- Huff Post review
The Fukushima meltdown is still happening now.  Fully documented.
Also a philosophic poetic meditation on the state of the humman species
Infant mortality rates are way up on the U.S. West Coast
The Fukushima Mark I reactors were built by General Electric.  
They were known to be defective before the earthquake that triggered the meltdown.  
Many of them, more aged and known to be wearing out, are operating in the U.S. now.  
We don't need to worry about Islamic terrorists. The nuclear industry is already radiating us.
Every English reader should be required to read this book

4-20-13 - Received from John Steiner 
 Very comprehensive ­ and tragic ­ from one of my favorite authors, Michel
Chossudovsky at Global Research:
 A Nuclear War without a War

Petitions for West Coast Senators-
Dear Friends,
In the last few days, this petition has gathered more than 130 new
signatures!  I've added the senators from Alaska and Hawaii, plus paragraph
2 giving details of what the Senate investigation should cover.  Paragraph 3
now expresses our concern about radiation in the Pacific Ocean from
Fukushima Daiichi.  The Senate phone numbers are incorrect except for
1-866-220-0044- my apologies.  If you live in California, Oregon,
Washington, Alaska or Hawaii, please call your Senators and express your
concern, and ask them to conduct an investigation.  And keep sending out
this petition. Let's get many more signatures, as the situation at Fukushima
Daiichi is getting worse, not better.  Below are some links to recent
articles on ocean pollution and an article from the NYTimes about the
instability of the site.  It's good to see the media blackout finally
lifting.  Let's keep this petition going!
Peace, Carol Wolman, MD
900 miles long front contaminated water- Fukushima Daiichi moving-across-pacific
Peace, Carol Wolman, MD
Title: Fukushima Nuclear Plant Is Still Unstable, Japanese Official Says
Source: New York Times
Date: April 10, 2013
    [...] a series of recent mishaps ‹ including a blackout set off by a
dead rat and the discovery of leaks of thousands of gallons of radioactive
water ‹ have underscored just how vulnerable the plant remains.
    Increasingly, experts are arguing that [Tepco] cannot be trusted to lead
what is expected to be decades of cleanup and the decommissioning of the
plantıs reactors without putting the public, and the environment, at risk.
³Itıs become obvious that Tepco is not at all capable of leading the
cleanup. It just doesnıt have the expertise, and because Fukushima Daiichi
is never going to generate electricity again, every yen it spends on the
decommissioning is thrown away. That creates an incentive to cut corners,
which is very dangerous. The government needs to step in, take charge and
assemble experts and technology from around the world to handle the
decommissioning instead.² -Muneo Morokuzu, a nuclear safety expert at the
Tokyo University Graduate School of Public Policy
³The Fukushima Daiichi plant remains in an unstable condition, and there is
concern that we cannot prevent another accident.² -Shunichi Tanaka, chairman
of Japanıs Nuclear Regulation Authority

See also: Tepco: "Losing faith" in leaking Fukushima tanks -- But we don't
have anywhere else to put the radioactive water.
Published: April 11th, 2013 at 12:54 am ET

3-30-13 - Japan Journalist: Situation at Fukushima Daiichi “way worse than officially announced”

Petition urging California senators Boxer and Feinstein to investigate and do something about the threat to California from further Fukushima disasters.