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Russell Schweickart

Rusty Schweickart

Schweickart is a founder of the B6-12 Foundation to deal with the threat of impact on earth from space objects. See Species Threat Number 2: Strike from an asteroid or comet - a number of references to Rusty Schweickart there.

Schweickart was one of the founders of the Association of Space Explorers open to anyone who's been in outer space. One of the goals of this organization, as I recall, was to promote the peaceful use of space programs and to discourage the use of weapons in space. - dc


6-24-14 - Listen to the original recording of No Frames, No Boundaries, Apollo nine astronaut Russell Schweickart's talk at the Lindesfarne Association. conference. Michael Katz was the recording engineer. (32:26 mp3-24bit). The talk was given in about 1975. Will get correct date soon - and place.

Read No Frames No Boundaries on the site of the Context Inst.with slight adaptation by Vivienne Hull, the above is from "No Frames, No Boundaries," by Russell Schweickart, published in Earth's Answer Connecting with the whole planet - from space, Michael Katz, William P. Marsh and Gail Gordon Thompson, Editors, Lindisfarne Books/Harper and Row, 1977.

6-27-14 - Got the time and place of Rusty Schweickart's talk featured on the 24th. Michael Katz who recorded it writes: This was the first time Rusty came to Lindisfarne (at Fishcove, Long Island, where you visited [76?]), and the first of its summer conferences in August 1974. The correct title of the book that included that talk is Earth's Answer: Explorations of Planetary Culture at the Lindisfarne Conferences. But that other subtitle was on the Context Inst. site.

Rusty Schweickart is grandfather to my son Clay born in 1991, mother Elin Chadwick, my beloved past wife experience as she once noted. Elin grew up thinking everyone's father must go into space (as she once said) and never made a big deal out of her father's career. So I've been the one to impress on Clay the importance of what Rusty has done. When he was in elementary school it was stuff like posters on the Apollo 9 mission. Later it was the Association of Space Explorers and their noble goals. Then it was the B6-12 Foundation. Today are posted links to Rusty's rather famous talk (at least in some circles) to the Lindisfarne Association fellows and the creation of this page as a gathering place for links and materials about Rusty.

One of the main reasons I'm posting this is so that Clay can hear this talk and be reminded what his grandpa has been doing. Rusty is an exemplary public figure who has used his status for the benefit of all life on earth in what seems to be the best way possible. He was very generous with his time when I was working for Californians for a Nuclear Freeze back in 1981 or so and was an excellent spokesman for it. His Association of Space Explorers and B612 foundation work are so important - dealing with issues vital to human survival - and it's been hard work to get anyone in power or out in the global community to pay attention or do anything about these obvious threats that we do have the ability and resources to deal with.

Which reminds me, Katrinka and I watched the first season of a series called Scandal where there's a super powerful fairly evil secret government agency whose mission is to protect the US nation. The agency is called B6-13. Only those of us who know what B6-12 is would get the joke - either it was derived from the B612 Foundation to protect the earth or the original meaning - the Little Prince's asteroid.

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