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10-21-05 - Who Didn't Get it Wrong? (on WMDs and what a threat Iraq was to the US and England)

In the Times' Sunday Judy-Culpa, Judy Miller said of her woeful pre-war reporting: "WMD -- I got it totally wrong... The analysts, the experts and the journalists who covered them -- we were all wrong." [I took that straight from Arrianna Huffington's Huffington Post, a terrific source of news. In today's blog she posts the names of some journalists who didn't get it wrong and asks for the names of others. This is what I submitted. - DC]

As for who else didn't get it wrong about WMDs and the lies that led to war, don't forget Scott Ritter who has been right on a host of issues. Also, Robert Greenwald and many interviewed in his film Uncovered: the War in Iraq. I would check back on Robert Scheer's columns. What about the gang at Air America?

Also, many of my lunkhead friends and I knew it - lots of us way undercounted in the streets protesting before the war knew it - and I think that might have been the biggest protest ever if you count all the protests worldwide. So I think we could say there were many many millions of people who knew the war was based on lies including many who could see Bush and his gang were lying by just looking at their faces and listening to their voices. There are people retarded with neurological brain damage who can't communicate in normal ways but who laugh derisively when they see these liers on TV screens (ask Oliver Sachs). There are dogs and birds who knew they lied - amoeba, inanimate objects including liers' furniture and the walls. There are spirits floating in unknown zones who feel the lies. There are cartoon characters who know they lied and who said so publicly.

The "everybody" who Judith Miller is referring to who got it wrong are the lost souls of mainstream media and psychotic politics and the poor schnooks hypnotized by them. We must right the wrongs, exorcise the demons, cast out the curses, speak truth to power, awaken from this nightmare, help those who lied to step down from their positions of power so that we may smoother them with love and forgiveness (after we've publicly paddled their naked behinds on TV).

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