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Dchad Misc 4

22-01-01 - Nothing interests me as much as nothing.


21-08-03 - We can't put the same foot into a river twice.


21-07-26 - For most of us, life is one continuous distraction.


8-11-18 - It's all just different ways of saying hello.

1-07-17 - We're always helping each other but we can't really help people until we realize we can't really help people. 

12-16-16 -

The countless number of ways to say

That nothing can be said

Is another endless game to play

Until the day we're dead.

12-03-16 - If you have a bad dream, do you in your sleep say you can't believe in a dreamer who would allow that?

11-28-16 - The Point? There is no point.

4-09-16 - From here to eternity takes no time.

2-24-16 - Not only the humble. We are all anonymous.

11-30-15 - Boring is a door to a new interesting.

12-29-14 - One way to look at the body with its nervous system and brain is as a filter of awareness assisting us in our pretending.

12-01-14 - When we finally get what we've longed for, we enjoy it best if we simultaneously let it go.

11-05-14 - Only that which isn't fundamentally real can be proven by the scientific method.

7-28-14 - Emptiness doesn't suggest nothing matters but shows that everything matters infinitely in a new way.

7-23-14 - The road to hell is paved with aphorisms and trite phrases.

7-20-14 - No need to make any profound observations.

7-09-10 - Can't control, can't figure out, can't make sense of. What a relief.

6-04-14 - We can look at time as space being constantly born.

5-04-14 - Relatively, what we've all got in common is we're born and we die. Everything in between varies.

4-17-14 - At first we do meditation. Then we undo meditation.

11-05-13 - Parents provide our first opportunity to express gratitude and also to learn to forgive.

10-28-13 - Even if the world were to end today, we'd all continue - you can't make Samsara go away.

6-15-13 - Missed the iPhone 5 workshop this morning. Got the time wrong. Should have written it down. Got here at 10am when it was over. Told Kabumpkan that rather than regret this I'd feed it to the reminder to write things down. He said, "Go on and regret, just regret that you don't know who you are. Feed this to that rather than try to improve yourself." "Can't I do both?" I wondered. "Sure," he said. "And try juggling at the same time."

5-15-13 - This morning I woke up thinking how Meister Eckhart and Bodhidharma both said we can do no better than just being idle. I've got lots to do today so I asked Kabumpkan what he thought. "Engage the relative, leave the other in neutral." I asked him what he meant by that. "Can't figure it out," he said.

11-18-12 -

Sight covers space
Sound moves in time
Thoughts bubble on
With their memes and their mimes.

(Said in response when Clay pointed out the sight sound space time angle.)

11-04-12 - The same person never steps into a river twice.

10-07-12 - Karma means that we are not exempt from the results of our actions.

7-08-12 - Believe in life after death or not, both are delusions.

3-04-12 - It's easy to see we never enter the same river twice. It's harder to see we're not the same any two times either.

Use the other one.

3-14-14 - Yesterday's "drop belief and forget teachings" was a quote stolen from Kabumpkan.

2-06-14 - Faith is leaping over belief and fear into the unknown.

1-03-14 - Don't waste your time not believing in things that can't be comprehended.

12-05-13 - It's all too vast for strongly held opinions.

2012? -Even in a dream we should take care of things.

12-08-07 - Who da Buddha? You da Buddha. Dat's who da Buddha.

2-13-09 - Thank goodness that, even though we don't turn our backs on it, phenomena is a non substantial dream that we can't take refuge in.

6-16-09 - Kabumpkan says: If you must believe, believe in nothing - but not too strongly.