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Alan arrived with two friends in a long black limousine. Ed and Karl. They had reservations in stone room one with it's fireplace, couch, two small adjoining rooms, and a porch out back overlooking the creek. Loring was in the office and checked them in. When his shift was over he went to their room and checked them out. Ed and Karl were noble members of the Brotherhood of Love, an organization dedicated to spreading light, love, and LSD around America. And cannabis. They had a mountain of cookies on a dish. Alan explained that these cookies were made with oil extracted from hashish. Interesting. Loring had never heard of such and took two but no more, being no stranger to the effects. Before long he was sailing.

Alan as usual having absolutely no concern for the rules of the monastery if they conflicted with his personal agenda, invited others to partake. There were a few who accepted. Some guests too. They were fairly blasť about it considering how much more serious the law was back then about this controlled substance. I said hi but did not eat a cookie as I didn't have a big sweet tooth and never trusted eating cannabis because I wouldn't be able to predict or control how high I got and I really didn't like getting too high. It could be disorienting and unpleasant for me. So Tassajara with its students and guests ran smoothly and unfettered by the activity of the outlaws in the Stone Room.

Smoothly, but word got out and at next day's morning tea there was discussion of the matter among the staff. One was irate and wanted them kicked out right away. Kobun was there and didn't say anything. Alan had given him a cookie and he'd enjoyed it lying down in his cabin. Loring was head of the office and argued that guests could bring alcohol in and that hash oil cookies were far more benevolent. But it's illegal and he's offering it to students. But no harm was done. Back and forth like this until their discussion was interrupted by screaming. More screaming. Moaning. Someone ran up to the screen door and called in that Ken Straus was freaking out. Loring leaped up and said he'd look into it, immediately having guessed the cause. Loring's mellow vibes helped to calm Ken down and after a while Ken went to sleep. People wondered if he should go to the hospital but Loring said Ken would be okay and he'd stay with him. A couple of hours later Ken woke up and was still out of it but not gadzooks discombobulated out of it like before. He told Loring he'd missed breakfast and stumbled on a bag of cookies on his roommate's dresser. He'd eaten six of them. Alan and his friends drove off after lunch. It took Ken another day to recover fully.


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