Tassajara Stories


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Tim Buckley went on to become a shaman in the Yurok tradition, an academic in the field of American Indian studies, and much later to take ordination as a Soto Zen priest from Peter Schneider. He died in 2015.

Suzuki said that Yasutani and Soen had painted the eyes of the Tassajara dragon that he had been drawing. Soen decided to leave some of Senzaki's ashes which Suzuki ceremoniously received from him during morning service. It rained lightly, highly unusual for the summer and then as we walked out of the zendo there was a double rainbow extending over our heads to Grasshopper Flats. Another cosmic stamp of approval. - in Roshis - all this info in CC.

Suzuki quote at end of Light from 66-01-21-A



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