family  Ahdel

Mother's poem on her 95th birthday. - dc

To be ninety-five
        is to be alive
        with memories of other year-
        most happy--but some tears
        fall to sprinkle the soil of experience.

To be ninety-five
        is to thrive
        on the love of family and friends-
        good times without ends
                or beginnings.
        A circle of fun.

But, does to be ninety-five
        mean to to arrive
        at this age will lead to a door
        marked, "There's not much more"?

No, indeed! For I believe
        that in each and all,
        both good and bad, both large and small,
        there is a core,
        a perfect bit of the eternal essence
        that birthed the earth and all that is,
        a core that leads to another door
        with letters large you can't ignore:


                        Ahdel Chadwick

                        August 13, 2009