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Brian Eppes memorial page

Farewell Brian Eppes and condolences to his son with my mate Katrinka, Seth. Brian was one of the early light show wizards in the San Francisco sixties scene. Check him out at these links:

Universolightforms with the Brotherhood of Light timeline

Wikpedia - Liquid Light Shows

Pooterland on Brotherhood of Light

Nostos Algo blog

Brotherhood of Light web page - with videos etc

All praise to Katrinka for watching over Brian in his final struggle with Muscular Distrophy, helping him move from his condo in Marin to a convalescent home and into hospice, dealing with his stuff and comfort, visiting him regularly, keeping in touch with family. Good ex wife. - dc

Seth Eppes Facebook page for Brian on which he writes: Rest in Peace to my father Brian Eppes. I'm thinking about him and the good times we had.

Seth and Katrinka below