Katrinka bring to Texas

when you come Xmas eve with Clay


Hard drive from AW

Passport Hard drive of mine from your glove box

Bag of Wind Bells (go through with me if you have time)

Car phone charger if you can find it.

2 pr underwear, 2 tee shirts, one pair pants

my nice shoes and 1 pair socks

Green heavy shirt, another blue long sleeve shirt, blue short sleever

tee tree oil from the drawer by the bed

Zantac if there's any in the top drawer in the bathroom

Clay - suggest you pack him a day early to guard against space out


check this spot for other items that occur to me

New 12-23

Make that two pair of paints - one blue jeans, one nice

Fatal Crossroads - book by Danny Parker, hardback

Redwood Credit Union checks

a stainless travel cup with top