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Don't go on any trips

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A profile of DC on the website Zen Conversations and Profiles 

An Interview with DC by Shambhala Publications - undated, posted 12-21

Audio of DC that should probably be erased:

A couple of talks DC gave in Chicago recently can be found on the Ancient Dragon Zen Gate site - Sept. 25 - Comments on Suzuki Roshi and Sept. 26 - Zen in Japan and America. I take it all back. - dc

Austin ZC dharma talks page. DC talk there 1-21-12.

There's one on the Tricycle audio dharma page. Maybe it came from a talk at Gil Fronsdal's group in or near Mt. View.

6-14-12 -  talking to Erik Davis on Expanding Mind on the Progressive Radio Network.

FILM/VIDEO of DC that should probably be burned:

a film named Refuge

Brad Warner did a video interview with me while I was with him in Akron 9-13-11. Here it is on YouTube.

and Present - Zen Failure with Mel Van Dusen - Here's the Present web site.

got a credit in

DT Suzuki: a Zen Life - advised, suggested people to interview, helped get some money. See letter.

Bharat, the Chariot of Knowledge.- see this page with a bit on the film and this one with stills. I need to write about this in India Trip Tales. Great experiences with these guys.

Live Nude Girls Unite! - all I did was to suggest friend Blaise Smith do their music.

Then there's me singing Travelin Alone at the Austin Zen Center - nothing to brag about but rather than retreat in shame I'm planning on making some for YouTube videos I guess. I got a Zoom Q3 recorder to interview people in April of this year, 2012, and so I've got some ideas for video blogs and songs. If I can get around to it.

Katrinka McKay and DC wedding site - Mates since May 1, 2004. Married in Bali, July 10, 2015.

Portrait of DC by Mike Willard Dixon - view on his website - cuke interview with Mike Dixon

Photos with DC on shunryusuzuki.com



This one's in the Crooked Cucumber: http://shunryusuzuki2.com/photo17.asp?N=49

So is this: http://shunryusuzuki2.com/photo17.asp?N=54

that last one, the big group photo, is fall, 1967, after the first practice period. The book says it's during the first practice period in the summer.

Paschal High School 50th reunion June 8, 2013 Links

There's a JPG of DC rakusu and more on the Lineage page

DC Sandokai study on Documents relating to Shunryu Suzuki Lectures page

DC studies and notes on chants at Tassajara and some Dogen - Japanese kanji and basic English