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Freedom Songs, part X - SDS

just some notes now. Will have done soon. - dc


important communal experience - first was camp, then tennis tournaments

head of union visited me ask pay janitor thing

head of picket line ilgwu

ufo club head takes me to cool coffee house

me play in cool club

Tony Rabinowitz father Ralph meat packer's union

Candice Cousins - swimming with Krushev

Tod Gitlin knocked me down

Rennie Davis in Ann Arbor

played music, unfriendly young women

ERAP and PREP printing presses in AA

seeing Cathy go by

chicago - visiting someone in towers


Chicago Art Inst guy picked me up - knife

went to partie with him

playing at CORE meeting

Tony at airport: never change

mongoose talk being ignored

didn't follow up

leafleting unemployed

first experience communal living

playing guitar - come let us build

walking around Chicago



Read SDS book charlie from maoist austin group

someone killed there

charlie died

I was never PC or spouting political rhetoric

mainly sort of plodding along listening, playing music

not much help - like a crazy new zen student involved in his own drream world

First night played music with Rennie Davis - liked him

women were unfriendly

worked in office operating printer of some sort

for ERAP and PREP - boring stuff

meetings boring people used impressive words

Tom Hayden there - serious dedicated

Met him years later with Gnaizda

Gnaizda said he was rude to me

I didn't notice that but I'd told him don't bother with the ZC

they'll all vote for you but not work or give money

Hayden was going East to get more money

One day in Ann Arbor I was standing on a corner and I thought for a second I was looking at the face of my cousin Kathy in a car as it zoomed by. A couple of months later my mother told me that her sister and family had been in a car traveling from Akron to somewhere on a summer trip and while they were driving through Ann Arbor, Kathy who was about 17 at the time yelled "there's David!" and tried desperately to get her father to stop but he said that no, I was in Mississippi and kept driving.

hitched to Chicago

PC everywhere

first ride told I was in quadrangle church

got ride with black student at art inst showed me knife he kept in car

went to visit him at school

lived in house there - communal summer

Tony Robiniwitz, Todd Gitlin, Candice Cousins

Sang Come Let Us Build a New World Together at folk club

met guy leafleting who was pres of flying saucer club

he took me to theosopy meeting

guy said life everywhere

I asked are bones alive and he was puzzled and said, I guess not

he didn't understand

guy took me to coffee shop where eccentric people played chess

Todd knocked me down

I told mongoose story - I'm mongoose in corner

but I wasn't much help, didn't follow up on what I was given

just learning to wash dishes and tie shoes

in charge of ILGWU picket line to make money for SDS

talked with cops while making sure they were spaced properly and not getting in way of people walking by

Tony said to me dropping me off at airport, "Don't change."

met mother there flew to NY for worlds fair run by guy named Robert Moses

saw shows

Chadwick lineage to nachez chadwick

Come let us build a nwt

Jargon sds most


reading zen in rochester

finding money and tickets guy rude

glass exploded at restaurant in DC

Out of $ DC ketchup water

standing in line at the Mint DC



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