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Freedom Songs -
my Journey through 1964
part X - New Orleans

Just notes now. Will have it done soon. - dc

met mother there flew to NY for worlds fair run by guy named Robert Moses

saw shows


finding money and tickets guy rude


glass exploded at restaurant in DC


visit with Pete and family later he head of Da Nang AFB


Last time

Out of $ DC ketchup water

standing in line at the Mint DC



reading zen in rochester



Hitched off to New Orleans

Lived with Julie - Bates introduces us Stand on your head

There a few months

French Quarter

She and I danced in streets during a hurricane

putting sandbags up

going with orlean to symphony recitals and concerts

Korean musician stay with me she asked

campeign for johnson racist material

pork barbque stand

Lucille loved me cause I didn't come on to her and owner loved me cause I cleaned everything all the time

But she said I should make black people's food to go

I said she jewish and I just came from miss and she said that other man walked out I'll go out of biz

but she was going out more because of barbq I was stealing to feed Woodwards

Lucille eating Clay in NO. Grateful I loved work and didn't hit up on her. Came in one day in terrible trouble had thrown beer bottle at husband in bar cause he was with another woman and hit another man in the mouth and knocked out some teeth and now needed a few hundred dollars for him.

Woman calling about boys playing in yard me saying can't see because of all the boxes of chicken fat pilled up in the back of house.

going to psych dept with strange feeling thing fast slow

Please don't leave!

I know you're gonna leave me!

writing Don't Cry


Met with highway patrolman and lawyer to talk about loosing license he couldn't believe was shocked at what I said about Miss he believed me said he had to take it away for three months I said okey - I'll go to Mexico.

jackson in FW - flood, picketing goldwater rally, aclu with Dr.Rapfogel , FBI come to home, going to civil rights meeting at church reporters coming up to me, going to NO, julie's, susan, crossland fraternity

going to John Birch offices, hearing Gen. Edwin A Walker, Jim and me going to Christian right wing meeting at Heights and laughing

fbi coming to home

jackson and me goldwater rally - flood

jeff and me visit jackson with sarah in San Antone

Jacson got in army reserve through father's connections medical unit, hard to get into, go once a month summer camp couple of weeks, 3 or 4 years later somestimes called up getting weird drreams of bombing camp go clothespin and bed spring and went around sying he was going to blow it up, got honorable discharge. Didn't say I dont touch guns.

fbi coming to my house

calling friends bermudas beer in mug

over goldwater unsigned fliers

neighbors complained

wouldn't give rapfogel's name but called him they said

we'll find out

thanks sorry they said bit embarrassed

and started to go

I was in SDS I said

they came back

always said miss first place brought me justice for drunk driving

went to meeting at black church my father had helped with location meeting of blacks to discuss civil rights

reporters came up to me am I planning to do anything here? No - just want to see what's happneing.

Meet jeff


calling police to see if marij is addictive


jeff speed

High on wild mouse in Fort Worth. Jeff says.


Jeff Bull says in San Antonio I said "before you have sex with Sarah you should realize she's had a breast removed"  so then I had sex with her and he didn't.


Once sent Lyndon Johnson letter suggesting he move the war to California.

Talk to Chick and wife in SF

Going to Ben Cheney's with Kelly in Laurel MIss

everyone went along with everything in the past with a few exceptions - can't condemn them - it's us

talk to Clay's class about Miss

u ov ariz guy

Doug McAdam, U of Ariz, Tucson, College of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Social Behavioral Sciences, Dept. of Sociology - mississippi civil rights work

GED coin Warren

ruth stephan

lohia in deli

latier neices of gen edwin a walker

she later goes to japan temple makes movie kills self

hey david do zen priests fuck niggers

n n n n - cunt n c nc

bill allen bugs and worms and elephants

McLean article on Jim and me - believe in integration


- first was camp, then tennis tournaments


Join till 68



Stanley wrote me in CA


Met him years later with Gnaizda

Gnaizda said he was rude to me

I didn't notice that but I'd told him don't bother with the ZC

they'll all vote for you but not work or give money


Rennie and Tom Chicage 7



Read SDS book charlie from maoist austin group


charlie died

someone killed there in Austin


later got violent


Cool hit black guy with guitar ran into later in haight


met Candice at ZC in 80s at Orville Shell talk 


I salute all who went to Mississippi that year and applied themselves surely more maturely and effectively than I did. I still remember many of the wonderful people I met that summer. Robert Moses was truly an inspirational leader.


Don't Cry

Julie the Heart

Come Let Us Build a New World Together

Come hand and hand all good people

There is a job to be done

And we will work beneath the silver moon

And work beneath the burning sun


Come let us build a new world together

The time is now or the time is never

Come let us build a new world together


To each one must come shine and rain

To each

But on this earth of loss and gain

Together we can bring light to each soul


Someday we will build a new world together

And then our job will be done

Someday beneath the silver moon

Someday beneath the burning sun



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