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India Trip Notes

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2-10-11 - People ask what I do here In India and I say I'm a writer and when they ask what I write about I might say, "Links." In that spirit, here are a few links I'd like to share. - dc

At the Baajaa Gaajaa festival (see cuke 2-07) I enjoyed a talk by Hindustani music expert Hiroshi Nakagawa of Kobe on the nature of Asian music. He should make educational videos. I might be able to get from him the gist of what he said which was about scales (he'd counted 581 in the Indian ragas) and rhythm and beats (the elastic nature of Japanese beats). Here's his website.

Thanks to a tip from Alan Senauke, the last three days in Pune were largely spent at the Manuski Center for Dalit (untouchable) Buddhists. Also check out their Jambudvipa site which explains that's the ancient Buddhist name for the Indian sub-continent. Alan says "This is a wonderful place, an offshoot of FWBO activities in India. An active center for study, practice, and social organizing." FWBO is Friends of the Western Buddhist Order. Left Clay with them yesterday. Great people. A story worth looking into.

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