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5-22-11 - Clay is here at Sea Breeze in Mahabalipurim. I'm amazed. Since he'd lost his cell phone he's learned to bum calls off others' phones but I hadn't heard from him in two days and I was not going to relax till I saw him here - we go to the airport in two days and he was coming from a village hours from Pune on the other side of India. When I heard he couldn't get on the train all the way to Chennai and would have to take the bus from Bangalore I was just hoping he'd get here at all today but he finally called and did make another train to Chennai from Bangalore that was to come in at four I thought that the buses would take him three hours or more. But he got the right advice of which bus to take to which bus (avoiding the major station that's in the other direction) and I had left my phone with the office here to answer in case he called - I pictured him still in Chennai - and went to the beach at five. When I came out of the water after a few minutes he was standing there. Was I glad to see him. He arrived with one rupee.

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