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6-06-11 - Comment on Christopher Anthony Boys

by Chris Boys

Vision in Prison
The Tooth
The Scorpion

Chris Boys was one of the friendlier people whom I'd meet at the tea shop across from the Ramana Ashram. He'd ride up on his motorcycle now and then and sometimes we'd talk. He was younger than me I assume, grey hair, from Santa Barbara, California, and had been around Tiru for years, was familiar with the guru scene, had read a lot, and had interesting stories. I learned he'd written some of them up and asked him to send them to me. His Vision in Prison, posted today, is the first one I read. He'd done nine years for ecstasy, trying to make a lot of it I gather though we didn't get into that. He didn't have any resentment about his prison stay - but I did. I said I thought it was a crime to lock someone up for any drug offence, especially those involving entheogens [a the term that has replaced psychedelic, meaning "generating the divine from within" - see Psychoactivism]. In our conversation though, it was me, not him, who railed against the war on people called the war on drugs. He said he'd gotten more conservative and understanding. We didn't spend much time on that either.

I have more to say about Chris but I'm flying to Texas tomorrow to visit mother and friends and there's a tile cutting machine here for the remodeling work going on at the house. It won't be here in two weeks when I return. The wall and floor around the barn tub are prepared to take tile and the tile is here, a bunch that's been sitting around waiting for years. Gotta cut tile and get packed.

And I'll put up another story from Chris tomorrow as well.

To Chris Boys in Tiru: I get this message when I email you: Hi. This is the qmail-send program at  I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses. This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out. You have been blocked by the recipient. I've emailed about the problem and will keep trying to get through.  - dc

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