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DC Comments - 2-23-05

A month ago or so a friend of mine started up a website for the World Suicide Club which was a humor-noir trip of mine back in the old Nuclear Freeze days. At that time I had this to say about it on the current events page. It doesn't seem current but since the world is still on the brink of nuclear war and has forgotten it, and since we have a rather foolhardy and reckless group running the country now, he thought it was time to get back into the WSC biz.

Now he has put under Piper's Page a Piper's Archives link which goes to a snapshot of the old WSC Newsletter. Next he wants us to make t-shirts (a picture of the old one is at the bottom of that newsletter page) and a new newsletter and memberships available. This would be fun way to comment on the enormous nuclear danger we're in but it sounds like a lot of work. I wonder, is it worth it to go out of my way a bit to stop the world from destroying itself (by homeopathically promoting world suicide)? Maybe - if there's a few bucks to be made in it by selling t shirts.

I love t shirts (otherwise known as t-shirts or tee shirts) and I have had a great response with the two I've marketed. The WSC tee shirt and the Thank You and OK! Zen Failure t-shirt. I think I'd like to redo the latter without the Thank You and OK! or maybe split them up into two t-shirts. That could go along with getting that book back into print. Sometimes I think I'd just like to make t shirts with nifty things to say on them and sell them to get by. So concise.

But now it's time to get this stuff up on the web through the help of FTP Voyager and get out back to the water and pressure tank and pump installation.

As ever,


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