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8-31-07 - Sexy Senators and suggested consequences

Looking at the latest sex scandal wherein Idaho Republican Senator Craig was busted in a MN airport men's room, what did Craig do that Senator Vitter didn't? Why should Craig have to go home now and Vitter not? Looks like Craig wanted to hug and kiss a man in a stall for free and Vitter wanted to hug and kiss a woman in a room for money - not her to him but him to her. Both acts are illegal where they transpired. But the Republicans want Craig out now and Vitter to stay. Why?

One cause I bet they tend to be yucked out and fearful of man to man hugging and kissing and like to get support from others who feel like that. But more than that cause they can get Craig's Republican governor to appoint a Republican replacement for him now who would be a Senator for over 400 days by the time of the up-and-coming election for that seat in 2008 with the enormous advantage that goes with incumbency. But Vitter's governor is a Democrat who would appoint a Democrat to take his place and that would be bad for the Republicans so his naughty is not even going to take away his chairmanships and he gets really standing ovations. Not that there will necessarily be many Democrats elected in LA after Rove, the man in charge of Katrina recovery, made it is said sure that enough poor blacks were gone for the good of the GOP. It's all politickle their fancy.

Those are solid progressive points, but cuke is here to make another point - why on earth are people getting arrested for wanted to hug and kiss? Why can't you hug and kiss any ole way for free and even pay someone to hug and kiss you? Seems like a basic right on. If they're worried about a scene developing in the men's room at that airport, they could have a nice granny in there handing out towels and saying "no no, none of that here." Or, they could have special rooms in airports for men who wanted to hug and kiss or just people of majority age in any combo. The Democrats aren't arguing against the law, at least I haven't heard them. The principled ones do say that these Republicans who profess what they call family values which to them means voting against various types of hugging and kissing and against important choice and principled privacy and who are voting for a puritan police state - they sure have a tendency to be the ones getting hot and heavy into their own taboos. However, I think that rather than persecuting them for their self-declared sins, we should make a big deal out of forgiving them as we want others to be forgiven but that their punishment should be that they can't talk about making rules about hugging and kissing or whatever they were hypocritical about for a long time. Like Rush Limbaugh shouldn't go to jail for imbibing mass quantities of forbidden psychoactives (like Hillbilly Heroin) - he's not anyway cause he's rich and powerful. Rather than suggest incarceration, cuke justice might be that he can't advocate drawing and quartering other controlled substance abusers for a long time.

But back to Craig and Vitter. Why do so many freak out at the hugging and kissing and all and so few seem to care that they're supporting mass mayheming and murdering of humans and nations, turning mother earth into a desolate slave planet, and other such world suicidal psychopathologies.

It's a wild and whacky world, ain't it?

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