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3-22-08 - The Dangerous Atheism of Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris By Chris Hedges, Free Press. Posted March 22, 2008. - this is a link to the article on AlterNet.

my ruminations on this matter - somewhat off from what this article says

I always liked the atheists in school because they made fun of simplistic literalism, but to them it was either that or nothing. The media version of religion from Spielberg to CNN to Bill Maher is also this sort of faith vs reason with faith meaning to believe in stupid things. Bill Moyers is about the only exception to this. But he had a woman on recently, Susan Jacoby, who'd written a book called The Age of American Unreason in which she used a figure on the percentage of people who believe in ghosts and angels equating those views with being anti-scientific. But it's not that simple. I believe in everything co-existing - ghosts, angels, science as we perceive it now. A person can see that evolution is the way things are in the phenomenal realm while seeing everything as being created every instant. The stuff science is into is as far out as ghosts and angels. Look at Michio Kaku and his Physics of the Impossible. The anti science religious ones are those who have action figure religion, who think that phenomenal super beings are running the show and that one has to have certain thoughts about these super beings to be approved by them and so forth. My favorite deity who thus resides only in the space-time realm is the Spagetti Monster. To me not only are Buddhism and Taoism atheistic in terms of not holding to a super-being, but so is Christianity and so is Judaism, the myths of which pointed beyond the beings. This could be said better and elaborated on, but I gotta get back to work on important matters which, though not actually having any own-being or substance, though being mere dreams in my vaster dream, call me to play.

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