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9-22-08 - On Late Term Abortions

A friend wrote that he couldn't vote for Obama because Obama's in favor of late term abortions. I wrote back the following.

I wouldn't say that Obama is in favor of late term abortions (partial birth is a propaganda term) - I don't think anyone is. He's just not in favor of the state interfering with doctor-patient decisions. Late term abortions as described by those who want the state to make such decisions are fairly rare and are done for medical reasons. Right wing politicians have taken this cause on as a way - it seems to me - to get people to vote for them so they can continue to transfer wealth and power to the super rich and corporations. To me whatever goes on inside somebody should be governed by the state as seldom as possible. Women have traditionally been in charge of such things and they are more much pro life in general than governments which mindlessly mass murder. So in the name of protecting life we're making the state in charge of a fetus growing inside a woman's body. This makes her an incubator for the state. So today the state decides she can't have an abortion and tomorrow they may decide that she must as in China. To me we're moving in the same direction as China - relegating the jurisdiction to the state rather than to the woman, the woman and her family, doctors, and advisors. The state in both countries protects businesses and business practices that give diabetes and cancer to babies. China and the US are both moving toward fascism in my estimation. In the name of stopping people from doing all sorts of bad things we can keep giving the state more and more power over people's private lives, but in the long run I see this so-called pro-life agenda leading to us all being ground up into patties to be fed to meat eating robots.

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