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2-09-09 - Today's my happy birthday. 64. I can't tell you how many people immediately say something referring to that Beetle's song. It's okay. They were right. I'm still feeding and fed, loved and loving, Son Kelly asked me how it felt to be getting this age. The way I see it, we're always some age and always something always changing and the key is to accept whatever we happen to be at the moment and make the most of it. So far I've enjoyed every age in this seemingly connected succession of nows, but maybe more so now. Suzuki Roshi said once that the reason we practice is so that we can enjoy our old age (He'd say "the reason" but maybe "a reason" would have been more accurate.) I can see a glimmer of the wisdom in that. More to go. Thanks for the birthday astrology reading Howie. - dc

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