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2-13-09 - Friday the 13th. The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia. I don't have that, but I'm a bit worried about what's to come with our economy, society, environment. Obama gave folks hope and I voted for him but I think it's like getting a more upright captain for the Titanic. Actually I think it's worse than that. I think he's just the best we were gonna do but the system makes it highly unlikely we'd get leaders who aren't part of the same basic mindset. He seems to be bringing in a bunch of guys who got us in this mess. Then EA from China sends me this link to Gerald Celente of US Trends being interviewed recently on RT (Russia Today), so I hope it's a wacko approach and he's wrong. Then I get RT's recent interview with Peter Schiff. I further reflect on Jared Diamond's books. Here's a great video of a talk he gave (introduced by Stewart Brand at a talk for the Long Now Foundation).

So I think, as Kabumpkan says, thank goodness that, even though we don't turn our backs on it, phenomena or phenomenon is a non substantial dream that we already know we can't take refuge in.

A few thoughts race into mind. One - time to get some of the debts incurred doing this Suzuki archiving paid and more work in this area done, moving from a heavy emphasis on preservation to more in the realm of presentation. I've gotta rise from almost a month of I don't know what it is - cold, flu, coughing, weakness, sleeping a lot and get as much done as I can as if my head were on fire but with a concurrent dispassion and detachment, concentrating on the non-dimensional now or something like that. Finding inspiration within and without - for instance getting a hit of Nisargadatta (refresh for a new quote). I'm gonna put this link on the home page for a while.

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